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Eat seasonally and support our small farm!

By purchasing a share you are investing in the success of our farm, and building a relationship with the farmers and land that grows your food. T.H.E. Farm is a small bio-intensive farm, growing on 2/3 acres of land. We specialize in organically-grown vegetables, herbs, microgreens, and flowers. We believe in focusing on soil health and ecological repair with intention. This means we utilize organic, no-till and regenerative agricultural methods. Our goal is to build rich fertile soil that is resilient that will support healthy plants, nutrient-dense food, and a more sustainable future for our earth 

what's inside the box


Fantasia Mix

Our nutrient boost best selling blend that contains kale, broccoli, cabbage, radish, mustard.  Sometimes we swirl in pea shoots


Sunflower or Pea Shoots

Crunchy, vibrant, and versatile!  Used raw on toast, sandwiches, stir-fry, tacos, smoothies, as a side topping to just about any meal.  Also pea shoots are great sauteed like spinach. 


Surprise micros! (1-2)

Such as micro broccoli, spicy mix, cilantro, arugula, onion, galaxy mix, tatsoi etc. It will change each week to keep it exciting and fresh! 

how it works

DEC 2022 - MARCH 2023

13 WEEKS $25/week

Pay in full at $325 or $25/weekly payment plan


Amesbury Farmer's Market on Sunday's 1-4 

Our farm in Kittery, ME on Saturday's 11-1 

(with exception Christmas/New Years Day)

At the market - You can swap any item with another micro variety of your choose

You can pause it or we can pause it at any time. The $ amount leftover will roll into the next season.


For payment plans, click button below to email us that you want to sign up for which pickup location. We will then put you on the list for $25/weekly payment.

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